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Our Mission

At the heart of Macon Progress lies the aim to empower players through the game of basketball, providing a foundation for life skills. Our coaching not only emphasizes fundamental basketball skills and intelligence but also instills vital character traits that extend beyond the realm of the game, contributing to success in all aspects of life. We underscore values like teamwork, discipline, resilience, and effective communication.

As a platform supported by the 501(c)(3) Macon Progress Foundation, our comprehensive approach reaches beyond the court, molding players to thrive in various scenarios. This dual commitment to basketball excellence and life skills guarantees that every player nurtured by Macon Progress evolves into a well-rounded, accomplished individual, making significant contributions within the realm of the sport and on the broader path of life's journey.




Improvement or movement towards a predetermined destination or goal. Often used to describe production or

gaining knowledge.

Lead Staff

Our Services

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Skill Development

We offer comprehensive year-round skill development training options tailored to school-aged individuals (aged 5-18), providing personalized one-on-one sessions, small group training sessions, specialized skills classes, breakfast club workouts, and more. All skill levels and playing experience are welcome!

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Youth Teams

Team Progress is a comprehensive year-round competitive basketball program for players in grades 2nd through 12th,  designed to provide a platform for development under elite-level coaching instruction while testing their abilities against the highest level of competition in their respective age groups.

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Camps | Clinics

We offer a range of seasonal and specialized skill development camps and clinics tailored towards school-aged individuals (aged 5-18). Our camps and clinics are designed to enhance players' understanding and skill set but also to foster growth in a competitive environment. All Skill levels are welcome!


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Notable Players

Riley Anderson
Aundre'e Polk
Immanuel Allen
Jake Spurgeon
Sidney Jones

Adam Wolfe

College: Whitman (D3)


Alex Choi

College: Siskiyous (JUCO)


Aundre'e Polk

College: Corban (NAIA)


Bode Totorelli

College: St. Olaf (D3)


Cade Collins

College: Linfield (D3)


Caelen Robinson

College: Arizona St. (D1) | Portland St. (D1)

Professional: Europe


Christian Allen

College: Sterling (NAIA)

Dashawn Gaston

College: Portland CC (JUCO)

Immanuel Allen

College: Abilene Christian (D1)


Jake Spurgeon

College: Seattle (D1) | Azusa Pacific (D2)

Professional: Europe


Jalen Childs

College: Mt. Hood (JUCO)


Jha-Barrie Portis

College: MCLA (D3)


Josh Brown

College: UTEP (D1) | Cal St. Dom. Hills (D2) | Eastern Oregon (NAIA)

Professional: Latin America


Josiah Timpson

College: Treasure Valley CC (JUCO)


Kayin Turner

College: Utah State Eastern (JUCO)

Michael Walker

College: Lewis & Clark (D3)

Mir Smolin

College: New York (D3)


Morgan Harris

College: Rockingham CC (JUCO)


Nima Vaday

College: Warner Pacific (NAIA)


Riley Anderson

College: Northwest Christian (NAIA)


Sataevior Ayilola

College: State Fair CC (JUCO)


Sidney Jones

College: Lewis & Clark (D3)


Oliha Loyuk

College: Mt. Hood CC (JUCO)


Tandreikus Miles

College: Concordia (NAIA)


I came to Team Progress the summer going into my junior year, and it’s been family ever since. Real coaching from every coach on the staff, and every day at practice was a real grind on the court and strength-wise. Not only did he (Coach Ty) help me on the court, but he also helped me off the court, finding scholarships and opportunities to receive more financial aid for college, which was huge! Even now that I’m out of the program, every time I come home from my prep, I still get in the lab with Coach Ty, and he is still helping me navigate through my journey.  Truly one of the best programs in the state.

Jalen Childs

Beaverton High School '23


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