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​1. Philosophy: Our program philosophy is "Teaching over Trophies,"  meaning that each player's overall development will always take precedence over winning youth tournaments. We are always focused on the long-term result as opposed to "winning" in the now. We understand that at times this may not result in immediate success in the present, and we are 100% accepting of that outcome. Our program goal is to use the game of basketball to teach the game of life. We want to produce high-quality and high-character individuals that can succeed in all aspects of life, not just on the basketball court.

  • Although we place long-term development and teaching over winning now, we are 100% a competitive program. We are not a recreational program in any way, shape, or form—we coach hard, train hard, and hold everyone accountable. In our program, "details and discipline" are the way of life! You cannot accomplish anything meaningful without paying attention to details and being disciplined in your approach, and that is the standard that we hold all of our players to, regardless of age.

    • Our focus is 100% on teaching and developing our players.

    • We do not recruit or chase players at any level. ​​​​​

2. Team Coaches | Coaching: We do not have designated head coaches that are assigned to a certain team; our lead staff is hands-on with every team's development and is in charge of running every practice and training session.

3. Season Dates: 

  • Fall: September - October/November

    • Tryouts are the last week of August or the beginning of September​

    • Practice begins the week following tryouts

    • Games begin the first week of October​

    • The season ends the last weekend of October or the first week of November

  • Winter: December - February/March

    • Tryouts are the first week of December

    • Practices begin the week following tryouts

    • Games begin in the middle of January

    • The season ends the last week of February or the first week of March

  • Spring: March - May

    • Tryouts are in the middle of March

    • Practice begins the week following tryouts

    • Games begin in the middle of April

    • The season ends the last week of May

  • Summer: July Only

    • Tryouts are at the end of May/the beginning of June

    • Practice begins at the end of June

    • The season ends the last week of July

    • NCAA Live Periods Only

4. Season Structure:

  • Each team will have 3-4 weeks of practice & training sessions before playing their first set of games.

  • Each team will play 2-3 weekends per month:

    • Teams will play 4-6 tournament weekends per season

      • Academy Teams: 12-16 Games

      • Competitive Teams: 16-20 Games

      • Elite Teams: 24-32 Games (Spring & Summer)

5. Practice Location(s): Team practices and training sessions are split between PDX Sportscenter & The Courts in Beaverton:

  • PDX SportsCenter: 8785 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR 97225

  • The Courts in Beaverton: 14523 SW Millikan Way # 110, Beaverton, OR 97005

6. Practice | Training:

  • Academy Teams: Two 90-minute Team Practices

  • Progress Teams: Two 90-minute Team Practices + One 90-minute Skills & Drills Session per

  • All practices and training sessions are closed to spectators; meaning no parents or family members are allowed to sit in on practices or training sessions unless given permission from our leadership staff.​

7. Team Selection Process: We begin every season with a team tryout and player evaluation where we test each player's overall ability, skill level, and IQ (understanding of the game) and ultimately decide which players make the cut.

  • All players must attend our tryouts to secure a roster spot–Including returning players.

    • We do not recruit anyone or make any promises to players

    • Players who are not available for tryouts will not be able to secure a roster spot for the upcoming season​

  • We will notify selected players via email within 24-48 hours after tryouts have been completed

    • Players will be given 24 hours to accept the roster spot before the roster spot is given to the next player in line

8. Financial Breakdown: Families are fully financially responsible to cover the overall program cost. Both team fees and travel expenses are 100% the family's responsibility. ​

  • Making Payments | Due Date:

    • Invoices will be sent to families once a player accepts his roster spot. Payments are due immediately.

      • Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, Check, PayPal, CashApp, Zelle, and Venmo​

  • What Your Fees Cover:

    • Facility Rentals

    • Tournament & League Fees

    • Coaching Wages

    • Travel Fees are not included

  • Financial Assistance: Financial assistance is available on a case-by-case basis. We understand that everyone's financial situation is different, and we are here to help as much as possible.

    • To qualify, families must submit proof of income and/or documented proof of being enrolled in a free or reduced lunch program within the school district.

  • Sibling Discount​:

    • Families with siblings in the program will receive a $100 discount on each additional child's fee.​​

  • Payment Plans:

    • Payment plans can be arranged for families who may not be able to cover the total program cost upfront.

      • Plans require setting a payment schedule to be automatically deducted via bank draft or debit card.

        • 50% of the dues must be paid upfront to qualify for a payment plan.

        • Missed payments or late payments will result in players being removed from participation in any team activities until the payment agreement is met in full.​

          • Payment plans do not lower the total amount due; they simply allow smaller payments to be made toward the overall balance. ​

  • Fundraisers: We understand that the overall program cost can be an overwhelming investment for families and that every family's financial situation is different. We have partnered with different fundraising platforms for team fundraising options to help offset the cost of the program for families and raise additional program funds that will go towards keeping the cost at a reasonable price and helping level the playing field.

    • We will launch a team fundraiser at the beginning of every season (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer).

      • All parties are required to participate in the Team Fundraiser

      • Families who are unable to cover the full cost of the program may use the fundraiser to help cover their fees.

        • Families must be placed on an automatic payment plan and pay 50% of the team fee upfront before applying their funds raised.

      • 100% of all proceeds will go directly back into the program to cover: additional court time and/or programming; player scholarships and sponsorships; and to help families with travel, equipment, etc.

​9. Community Service: We will have a minimum of 1 community service or community outreach event during each season in which all team members are required to participate.

10. Attendance Policy | Commitment: Players are expected to attend all team events (practices, training sessions, and games). Exceptions can be made for emergencies, sickness, etc​. 

  • A player who cannot attend at least 90% of all team events will not be allowed to secure a roster spot (unless arrangements have been discussed and approved with leadership).

    • Failure to attend all team events as scheduled may result in removal from the program.

      • Removal from the program will not result in any percentage of a refund.

  • Players are not allowed to participate or play with any other basketball teams or organizations while playing for Progress teams (the only exceptions are school teams during the winter season).

    • Playing for multiple teams during our season will result in automatic removal from the program.

      • Removal from the program will not result in any percentage of a refund​

11. Team Gear: Team gear costs are included in your team fees. We do not charge extra for team gear or uniforms. Each player will receive a game uniform, shooting shirt, and T-shirt. Travel teams will receive additional gear such as backpacks and hoodies, which will both be available for all players in the program to purchase separately.

  • Game Jerseys/Uniforms: Players do not get to keep their game uniforms. At the end of the season, players will be asked to return their game uniforms.

    • Families will be charged for the cost of replacing the uniform if a player loses it, does not take proper care of it, and allows it to get ruined, stained, dingy, dirty, etc.

    • Players can pay an additional fee of $100 to purchase their uniforms if they'd like to keep them.

    • Players are allowed to keep all other team gear: T-shirts, shooting shirts, hoodies, backpacks, etc.

  • Additional Gear is available for everyone to purchase at any time. ​

12. Travel: Families are 100% financially responsible for all travel & lodging fees.

  • Academy Teams​: We do not travel with our Academy groups.

  • Progress Teams: Progress teams travel individually with their family.

    • Families are fully responsible for their travel & lodging accommodations and are allowed to make any arrangements they choose.

      • Additional fees may be required for travel tournaments and/or events

  • Elite Teams: Travel Teams travel as a unit and stay in the same hotel together with players, coaches & staff only.

    • Our team Travel Agent will arrange all travel accommodations for our Elite groups.​​

      • Our hotels will always have daily breakfast included​

      • 2 Players per room

      • Supervised by Coaches | Strict guidelines:

        • Set curfew

        • Lights out

        • Room checks

        • Players must turn in their cell phones/mobile devices every night at 10 pm

13. Team Communication: All of our team communication, schedules, and rosters will be handled directly through the TeamSnap mobile application, which is available in both the Google Play and Apple stores. (click here to download)

14. Code of Ethics: To take part in our program, parents and players must both sign contracts and abide by a strict code of ethics. Removal from the program may occur if the contract is not signed and/or followed.

  • Can my behavior off the court (school, social media, home, etc.) affect my participation with Team Progress?

    • Yes, players' behavior both on and off the court can affect their standing with Team Progress. By being a member of Team Progress, players are now representatives of the Progress Program, so how players carry themselves both on and off the court directly represents our program and what we represent. Players are expected to be people of high character who carry themselves responsibly and respectfully in all aspects of life. This includes but is not limited to: home life, school, social media, etc. Failure to conduct themselves responsibly and respectfully will result in disciplinary action, which may result in the players' suspension or removal from the program.

  • Can my behavior as a Parent or Family member affect my child's participation with Team Progress?

    • Yes, parents' (or families') behavior both during team events and away from the program, or in the public eye, can affect their child's participation in Team Progress. Parents and family members of Team Progress are also representatives of the Progress Program. How they carry themselves during team events and in the public eye is a direct representation of our program and what we represent. Parents and family members are also expected to be people of high character and carry themselves in a supportive, responsible, and respectful manner at all times, especially during team events. By no means will we as a program intervene in families' personal lives, but if we receive word that families are acting inappropriately, we will take action. This includes but is not limited to: coaching from the sidelines; arguing with referees, coaches, or opposing players or coaches; disrespecting facilities or staff; publicly bashing people; having inappropriate social media interactions; being disrespectful or discriminatory in the public eye; etc. Parents or family members' failure to conduct themselves responsibly and respectfully will result in disciplinary action, which may result in the players' suspension or removal from the program.

15. Refund Policy: We have a strict no-refund policy. All team fees are invested directly into the program and go towards covering program expenses that are required for the season.

  • Injuries will result in a prorated credit towards next season

    • A doctor's note is needed for any injury credits

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